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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
FIVE UNITED LLPFIVE UNITED LLPSingaporeDental Laboratories< 1M<= 1002008He is engaged in trade and management of dental technicians and dental clinics. In addition, he conducts consulting on real estate investment and construction of dental clinics.
CARE BEAUTYCARE BEAUTYSingaporeBeauty Salons< 1M<= 1002008It operates a beauty salon “K's Hair” and provides hair services such as head spa and hair growth. We also undertake cuts, perms, colors and sets. In addition, he also handles visiting beauty services and beauty services such as interior construction and furniture installation.
I VISION PRIVATE LTD.I VISION PRIVATE LTD.SingaporeMarketing Consulting Services10M - 100M500 - 7002003Mainly engaged in the construction of systems in the field of logistics and call center operations. We also support the development of our own systems and contracted development of systems. In addition, he also provides consulting for companies that introduce new IT systems. Keep abreast of technology and market trends to meet customers' or partners' needs.<br>Our key services include consulting, supply, installation, system integration, testing & commissioning.<br>We focused on expanding our distribution networks, as well as providing partners and customers with new, innovative products and system solution.
FIRST MEDIA ACADEMY PTE. LTD.FIRST MEDIA ACADEMY PTE. LTD.SingaporePortfolio Management< 1M<= 1002011We do web design such as product planning, and IT consulting such as server construction. In addition, he also handles outsourcing business such as sales promotion support such as website production and management, and training for qualification acquisition. Success Stories Graphic Design Graphic Design.<br>Success Stories Fashion Design Fashion Design Success Stories Design Management Design Management Success Stories.<br>FMDS cultivates a supportive studying environment for working adults who are set to pursue their dream as a graphic designer or multimedia designer.
FIRST WORLD TECHFIRST WORLD TECHSingaporeConstruction Machinery Manufacturing< 1M<= 1002015Manufactures and sells industrial machinery and labor-saving machinery. In addition, we undertake the design and construction of plant piping and mechanical equipment.
I MAKE PTE. LTD.I MAKE PTE. LTD.SingaporeFurniture Stores< 1M<= 1002013Consistently design and manufacture woodwork products such as furniture and children's toys. In addition, we are also working on web sales by our own site. our custom made tailored products ranges from home furnishings, to fitouts and construction for commercial lines, and custom made toys just as  rocking horses for your young!<br>IMakeCarpentry was set up with the vision that customization of woodworking should be fuss free and fun.<br>The quality of furniture was superior to others significantly better from start to finish!
FIT AVENUEFIT AVENUESingaporeIndustrial Building Construction< 1M<= 1002017He is engaged in civil engineering such as road pavement work and waterway renovation work. It also supports construction work such as new construction of houses.
FINISHING WELL SOLUTIONSFINISHING WELL SOLUTIONSSingaporeEducational Support Services< 1M<= 1002014Engages in consulting such as construction cost reduction, vacancy measures, and system implementation. In addition, we provide services such as providing information on the construction industry and providing material material provision services. It also handles water and sewerage maintenance and cleaning services.
FIRE EVAN SERVICESFIRE EVAN SERVICESSingaporeIndustrial Building Construction< 1M<= 1002015Design, construct, and maintain fire fighting equipment such as sprinkler equipment, indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, and automatic fire alarm equipment. It also supports installation work such as emergency alarm equipment and fire alarm equipment. In addition, we conduct inspections of fire protection objects and fire prevention objects, and sell fire extinguishers.
FIRST ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGFIRST ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGSingaporeIndustrial Building Construction< 1M<= 1002010Engaged in the construction of indoor and outdoor electrical equipment such as new construction of factories, shops, and houses. It also supports the design and construction of wiring and air conditioning equipment. In addition, he is involved in the wholesale and repair of electrical machinery and equipment. In addition, we will carry out fire equipment construction.
FIRST ENGINEERING LIMITEDFIRST ENGINEERING LIMITEDSingaporeIndustrial Building Construction10M - 100M500 - 7001980Design, construction management, and manufacture of civil engineering and construction machinery. It also supports public works such as the construction of bridges, rivers, and roads.
SAFE ENGINEERING SERVICES PTE. LTD.SAFE ENGINEERING SERVICES PTE. LTD.SingaporeNational Security< 1M<= 1002010A company that conducts inspection of network and mobile devices and proposals and construction of security systems. We also design, manufacture, and sell security equipment such as surveillance cameras and entry-exit management systems. In addition, we provide advice on risk management of companies and individuals, and consulting on crime prevention measures for companies. We have a capable team of fully-experienced installers with strong, relevant skills and knowledge, capable of executing the varied requirements in installing security systems.<br>Established since 1983, Safe Engineering is a security installation firm that is fully committed in providing our customers with quality service to efficiently see through each project professionally, competently and in a technically sound manner.<br>We are proudly bizSAFE STAR certified, which is the highest tiered award from the Workplace Safety and Health Council for the Singapore construction industry.
WATER ENVIRONMENT ENGINEERING PTE LTDWATER ENVIRONMENT ENGINEERING PTE LTDSingaporeIndustrial Building Construction10M - 100M500 - 7001992He is mainly engaged in the construction and maintenance of water and sewerage facilities such as pipe work. It also supports conservation work and environmental conservation work. In addition, we also undertake plumbing and civil engineering work.
J-SQUARED CAPITAL HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITEDJ-SQUARED CAPITAL HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITEDSingaporePortfolio Management< 1M<= 1002015It is a company that conducts business management such as investment in business and intellectual property. The group companies include a number of companies, including IT-related companies, telecommunications companies, and construction companies.
FIX UP SERVICESFIX UP SERVICESSingaporeEducational Support Services< 1M<= 1002012We are involved in the construction and operation of IT infrastructure such as servers, network equipment, and software. We also undertake support for PC introduction and business system development.
68 SPA68 SPASingaporeAdvertising Agencies< 1M<= 1002013Engage in staffing and outsourcing, contracting and consulting for office affairs. In addition, he also manages rental conference rooms, dispatching workers, and mail order.
IBC BUILDING CONSULTANTS PTE. LTD.IBC BUILDING CONSULTANTS PTE. LTD.SingaporeIndustrial Building Construction< 1M<= 1002016In addition to construction management of construction work and civil engineering work, we also rent and manage buildings. We also deal with the purchase and sale of building materials, etc.
I - CITY SOUNDI - CITY SOUNDSingaporeMarketing Consulting Services< 1M<= 1002007In addition to operating social media “members-only community sites”, he also handles web marketing. In addition, we will also develop web system construction and web production. Page Transparency See More Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - October 18, 2013 People
IDEA MOVE PTE. LTD.IDEA MOVE PTE. LTD.SingaporePassenger Car Rental< 1M<= 1002011Carry out general freight transportation and light cargo automobile transportation. In addition, he also handles dispatching drivers to carry out construction and moving of light cargo vehicles for companies and individuals. It also conducts business contracting and management of trucking operations.
I-COMMUNICATIONS SERVICESI-COMMUNICATIONS SERVICESSingaporeAdvertising Agencies< 1M<= 1002007He is engaged in sales of communication lines such as telephone lines and landline telephones, and information services. We also undertake the construction and maintenance of communication facilities.